if you take lessons in lion taming from a lion, you will be eaten

We do things differently

Most journalists are journalists at heart and they understand the interview dynamic only from their side of the table. Former reporters often make poor coaches.

Which is why you need a ringmaster, not a lion.

Anyone who has suffered through most media training knows what usually happens: a PR firm shows up with a former newspaper editor or TV reporter; a camera is set up on a small tripod; and for the next several hours the journalist fires questions at you. Eventually, a humiliating post mortem is conducted, in which the journalist reveals what the answers should have been, without explaining how to find them. Finally, you are forced to watch your own performance, in a scene reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange.

There is a time and a place for watching film. But if we were to design a way to undermine someone’s self confidence and teach them to avoid the press, that process would be it. And yet we have witnessed it happen over and over again in boardrooms around the world.

Which is why we do things differently.

We don’t train, we teach

Public performance is a learned skill, not a natural ability. No one is born good at it. Behind every great public figure is someone who taught them how to do it.

There are rules to handling media interviews and a set of principles which can be followed. Most media training never reveals what these are, but we do. Not only do we show people how to find answers to difficult questions, we help them to use those questions to deliver their message and get the headline they want.

​The same is true of public speaking. It is the only type of performance art in which people are expected to be naturally talented without ever receiving an education.​ Instead of just watching and analyzing, we actively teach people how to tell a story in public, from command of the room, to content, timing and delivery.

Why you should hire us

We help behind the scenes in order to make you more confident and talented in public. And we create content which will make you funny, engaging and influential.

Sometimes an external advisor can offer perspective which you cannot get from within your corporate culture. And sometimes you need to prepare outside of the pressures of the organization you lead.​ We provide both. But having headed communications functions at major companies, we know how to work with your in-house team as they work to support you.

After an initial consultation, each session is carefully tailored to your needs and designed within a plan to make tangible improvements over time.​ Each session is followed by an assessment document analyzing your requirements and progress.

Everything we do has one goal: to help you build your personal leadership brand.