Case Study: Coaching

Crafting a message that brought down the house

The Challenge

To help Trude Sundset, CEO of Norway’s Gassnova, create a compelling method by which to convey the importance of Carbon Capture and Storage during a major keynote speech at an international conference in Oslo.

Strategy and Tactics

We created a series of memes such that the entire narrative of the speech was delivered through them. All were relevant to the issue and the industry, but each one made a serious point using a little humor. This was just one step along our journey with the client to improving her skill set and building her personal leadership brand.

The Outcome

By applying some creativity to the content, we were able to use humor to grab the audience’s attention and keep it focused on the underlying seriousness of the message. The reception was overwhelmingly positive and generated social media buzz both at the conference and in the industry.

The Bottom Line

We work hard to help our clients be funny, engaging and influential.