Case Study: Coaching

A CEO meets a Prime Minister

The Challenge

To create a culturally sensitive and engaging message with which Meade Harris, CEO of co-working startup Dynamo Energy Hub, could introduce Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre. The location was a networking event in New York City, sponsored by the Norwegian Consulate General.

Strategy and Tactics

We engaged our network of contacts to research some appropriate messaging which could cross the cultural divide and wrote speech notes accordingly. The result was that our client told the audience that the Prime Minister is a man “Svin på skogen”. It translates literally as “a man without pigs in the forest”, but the Norwegian audience understood it to be a compliment of the highest order – she was saying that he is a man of great integrity.

The Outcome

By using a cultural reference which the Norwegians instinctively understood, but were pleasantly surprised to hear from an American, it generated instant charismatic appeal – and a lot of laughter. By telling a joke which most Americans in the room didn’t get at first, it allowed the client to let them in on the secret by explaining its true meaning, thereby repeating the compliment to the Prime Minister.

The Bottom Line

Being funny and charming in any setting is simply a matter of having the right material and knowing how to deliver it. We pride ourselves on being able to offer both to our clients – every time they need it.