Case Study: Coaching

A first time candidate wins a debate

The Challenge

Preparing a first time political candidate to go up against a sitting U.S. Senator and Pastor in a debate that would be broadcast on national television.

Strategy and Tactics

This might have been the only time in a U.S. Senate race that a debate mattered. We helped prepare our candidate to go up against his opponent. We empowered him to win this big moment.

Outputs and Outcomes

Herschel Walker was praised for having won the debate. Said the editor of the Savannah Morning News:

“Walker delivered a remarkable performance. He didn’t bother to visit the post-debate media “spin room” to clarify or expound on anything. The debate’s close was a mic-drop/football-spike worthy moment.”

Bottom Line

We like tough fights. We help our clients prepare for and empower them to WIN big moments.