Case Study: Earned Media

A startup gets acquired for $1BN

The Challenge

A clear dental aligner started by two serial entrepreneurs sought to break into teeth-straightening market despite enormous competition from bigger brands. The clients needed our help to position them in the earned media as a breakthrough company.

Strategy and Tactics

We used our contacts in the media to earn numerous stories about how the brand was taking off during the national pandemic as clear aligner customers sought to straighten their teeth at home during lockdowns. We also earned media by telling the stories of what the brand was doing to help first responders and medical professionals by donating their 3D printers to create reusable masks, face shields and ventilators.

The Outcome

A true Unicorn, the company was sold in under 2 years with no outside financing, for $1.04 billion. The founders credited our effort in the earned media as instrumental in the sale of the company.

The Bottom Line

We looked for timely and newsworthy angles to help this startup breakthrough as a viable player in a crowded space.