Case Study: Earned Media

Earning coverage for a new suite of financial products

The Challenge

A new asset management company selling Exchange Traded Funds needed messaging, advertising and exposure to sell their products.

Strategy and Tactics

We produced a broadcast commercial that A crafted a message that took complicated financial industry language and turned it into a story that the masses could understand.

Outputs and Outcomes

The broadcast commercial aired on Fox News Channel and Fox Business News. The opinion editorial ran in the Wall Street Journal on the day the company was launched. The exposure from both the earned media and paid media helped put the new company on the map and earned new clients for the firm. Our efforts created a domino effect as numerous earned media stories resulted from our launch strategy.

The Bottom Line

Our ability to craft a message, develop a script, produce a video made the company’s launch successful. Our contacts in the media enabled us to get prime placement for the client in the Wall Street Journal – which was the target publication.